Published: Monday, 05 May 2014

I Lit the Sun is a continuation and culmination of musical endeavours lead by William Lilleås. The members have contributed in earlier projects such as Iscariot, Anno Miseria and Phantom I.

I Lit the Sun was formed under its current name and constellation of members in 2013. The band quickly adapted some earlier material from previous projects to the new format and aesthetic, and started the process of writing new material. 

Rooted primarily in alternative hard rock, the band's music can be described as dynamic and energetic, with references to both old and contemporary rock and hard rock.

Pre-production of the debut album Horizon started in the winter of 2014 and recording was done in the spring and summer the same year.


William Lilleås  vocals and guitars
Stian Dale Petersen  guitars and backing vocals
Jonny Carlsen – bass guitars and backing vocals
Espen Moe – drums

The members are all from Tønsberg.


Horizon (2015)

Released on own label, engineered by Espen Moe

Cover art of Horizon